Our Story

Purposeful change drives opportunity

We guide clients out of complex situations with solutions that are dynamic and inventive. Look at our logo and you’ll see heritage and success reflected in the sturdy “C.” Our Aspen leaf represents the members of our growing team and the root system that gives us the strength and support to build lasting client relationships. It’s these relationships that create growth for the businesses that we’re fortunate enough to work with. And with each new engagement we proudly bring clarity to our clients.

Why We're Different

What guides us

Working from shared beliefs is how we collaboratively create success.

At Curtis&Co, we know every client is unique. We work tirelessly with each client to establish a true partnership based on trust and integrity. We work collaboratively with our clients to establish a distinct, customized approach that meets their organization’s needs. Our Guiding Principles are the foundation of a successful relationship with our clients.




Our pledge to the community

Our culture is one of supporting each other, our clients, and the community. In 2020 we launched our corporate social responsibility program, the 5% Pledge. This firm-wide pledge donates 5% of our revenues and 5% of our time back to local communities and charities.


Process is the great connector

We leverage Cognitive Automation and Process Intelligence, which work in tandem, to accelerate discovery in real time and deliver exponential value to our clients.

Cognitive Automation … leveraging AI/ML and advanced data-sensing technologies (RFID) to create and enable a digital workforce and to foster touchless process automation (RPA)

Process Intelligence … rapidly mining process and analyzing massive Big Data … revealing meaningful insights and illuminating opportunities … quantifying “process performance” and “process conformance”

Management Consulting … by using the latest tools, technology, and thinking, Curtis leads our clients through complex problem-solving to accelerate discovery in real time while delivering exponential value in business operations


Our wide geographic reach and flexibility maximizes value for our clients

We have resources based across the US and around the globe. This allows us to be ideally set up to go where the work is, no matter where that might take us. Our team members have the flexibility to co-locate with their client, while select clients can be supported 100% virtually. A typical workweek sees our people traveling and on the go Monday-Thursday and working virtually on Fridays.

Our Team

John Agoston

John has over 25 years of experience in business transformations and strategies that leverage process improvement methodologies for operational excellence, continuous improvement, LSS and process excellence programs that yield sustainable bottom-line value to clients.  

John has subject matter expertise in operational strategy, manufacturing, transactional processes, business development, LSS, Agile, business process reengineering, supply chain management, business process improvement and product development. 

John currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dan Baratka

Dan is an experienced leader of both Lean and Agile transformation initiatives across large, cross functional teams and industries.  He is adept at working across organization boundaries and has led numerous Continuous Improvement efforts.                                        

Dan thrives in complex environments requiring fast learning to effectively solve problems and drive results with teams.  He has a proven track record of delivering customer value through collaboration and influence. 

Dan currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Kevin Bazinet

Kevin Bazinet has been a successful leader in both business and local community organizations and is experienced in developing strategic vision at the corporate level within many of his client engagements, then weaving the goals and objectives into division and departmental goals. He is a master at articulating the “big picture” to divisions and departments in the organization, helping them identify improvement opportunities that support the overall corporate goals. His role as coach and mentor combined with years of team building experience help to ensure the execution of improvement plans.   

Kevin currently resides in Wareham, Massachusetts. 


Hunter Bowen

Hunter has experience in a wide variety of industries including anesthesia services, manufacturing, and hospitality. His skillsets include process intelligence and data analytics, which allow him to work on engagements spanning from data mining and predictive analytics to problem solving and customized solution creation. Hunter has worked with a wide variety of clients as both a project lead and a team member.

Hunter currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Randy Bowen

Randy has over 20 years of consulting experience. He has held leadership roles in insurance and financial services, health systems, medical device, and pharma manufacturers. His expertise lies in corporate strategy, process intelligence, data analytics, and large-scale transformation. Randy works with executives, teams, and customers in a diverse set of industries to optimize, improve, and stabilize operations, and establish organizational readiness to deliver immediate impact and long-term competitive advantage.

Randy currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Michael Burris

Michael is an experienced change agent specializing in business transformation and operational excellence. With many years of experience spanning multiple industries and numerous clients, he is well-versed in what is needed to lead large-scale, transformational change effectively.

Michael focuses on strategic planning & execution, business integration, and data-driven digital business transformations.

Michael currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Christian Caraco

Christian works closely with teams, clients, and executives across industries to  provide clarity to clients. His skillsets include process intelligence and data analytics, which allow him to work on engagements spanning from data mining and predictive analytics to problem solving and customized solution creation. Christian has worked in a variety of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to venture capital, serving as both a project lead and a team member. 

Christian is a native of Bennington, Vermont.

Tony Curtis

Tony is the Founder and CEO of Curtis&Co. He works with teams, clients, and executives across industries in pursuit of competitive advantage through process.

Tony has published numerous industry articles on Operational Excellence and Voice of Customer tools and techniques as well as authored chapters in multiple book publications focusing on obtaining and incorporating customer viewpoint into products, processes, and services. 

Tony currently resides in Richmond, VA.

Lisa Custer

Lisa brings decades of global experience in designing and implementing continuous improvement programs based in multiple methodologies – Lean Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean, and Quality Systems. She has worked on driving program success and brings considerable insight to building sustainable improvement cultures.

Lisa partners with clients to refine corporate objectives and drive significant results. She has served numerous organizations in the design and implementation of operations improvement initiatives that deliver significant financial and customer satisfaction benefits.

She currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

John Falvey

John plays a significant role in providing a competitive advantage through process intelligence and data analytics. He has a professional certification as a SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner 14 and is well versed in software such as Tableau, JMP, SQL, Java, and Python. His understanding of data cleansing, mining, and modeling combined with his business acumen make him an asset to sifting through technical jargon and communicating actionable insights.

John currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stephen Frolik

Stephen has over a decade of experience driving process excellence in service and manufacturing organizations across a wide variety of international clients and industries. He has focused on business process improvement, capability-based improvements, and business performance optimization.

Stephen has an outstanding record of success increasing enterprises’ value through sustainable business development, leadership in the creation and execution of complex strategies, and culture building.

Stephen currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Joya Hariharan

Joya has over 20 years’ experience in Fortune 100 Financial Services and Insurance companies setting up global operations and leading and mentoring Operational Excellence programs. Joya has deep expertise in assessing and managing organizational risk, designing and implementing continuous process improvement and risk management programs, and leading and mentoring process excellence programs.

Joya has designed and implemented custom Lean Six Sigma programs, including curriculum and tool/template development, and has trained, coached, and mentored hundreds of Business Process Management, Lean, Green Belt, and Black Belt certification candidates.

Joya currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

Phillip Kilgore

Phil is an experienced business developer and leader of organizations and teams in government, industry, and non-profits. He focuses on organizational growth and effectiveness, mission and strategy execution, and talent development.

Phil has extensive experience in organizational, project, personnel, and financial management in diverse domains including communications-electronics, criminal investigations, system security engineering, quality engineering and auditing, process engineering, management consulting, and education administration.

Phil currently resides in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

William Nadeau

Will works closely with teams, clients, and executives across industries to provide clarity to clients. His flexible skillset includes data analytics and process intelligence, which enables him to work on engagements spanning from data mining and predictive analytics to problem solving and customized solution creation. Will has worked with a wide variety of clients as both a project lead and a team member.

Will currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stephen Payne

Stephen has experience in a wide variety of industries including financial services, government, healthcare, and retail.

Stephen began consulting after a successful career as a leader for 7 years in the US Army (Captain) and multiple industry leading retail companies.  He is experienced as both an internal and external consultant who uses his diverse set of tools, skills and experiences to solve ambiguous problems and consistently delivers quantifiable value to Clients and Stakeholders of all levels.

Stephen currently resides in Bloomington, Minnesota.


Mike Sullivan

Mike has over 25 years of experience leading complex operations and process improvement initiatives in the retail, insurance, banking, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, and financial services industries.  He has proven success in leading and coaching engagements in operations, supply chain, training and development, case management, resource management, help desk, patient scheduling, investments, and resource management among others.

 Mike’s major roles include client delivery, project leadership, training content development and delivery and mentoring colleagues. 

Mike currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

Thanh Tran

Thanh has led several strategic consulting engagements to drive business improvements within organizations by leveraging voice of customer, data analytics, and continuous improvement techniques. She has worked across various industries including manufacturing, pharma, finance, and hospitality. She is known for her attention to detail, methodical thinking, driving results and ensuring the proper change management happens for successful project implementation.

Thanh currently resides in Hoboken, New Jersey.