Careers Are Made
With Curtis

At Curtis&Co, we never stop seeking talented candidates with a wide range of experiences. When it comes to finding creative thinkers who listen, know the difference between we vs. I, demonstrate no boundaries, and strive to be first – we set the bar high.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a student, and know you have what it takes, we invite you to take the next step in your journey and join us.


Curtis Analyst Program

The Curtis Analyst Program (CAP) is a structured two-year program designed to develop graduating college seniors as analysts. As a Curtis Analyst, you will work full-time as an important contributor to our firm’s activities and are encouraged to assume more responsibility than may be usual at other companies. The first year of CAP focuses on the skills necessary to become an effective analyst and management consultant. The second year consists of activities and engagements customized to the individual analyst and their desired career path. CAP works to ensure our analysts have the support they need to be successful through formal mentorship and educational development opportunities.



At Curtis, participants in our 10-week internship program experience the fast pace and ever-changing life of a management consultant. The program provides ample opportunity for interns to work with Curtis engagement teams as they tackle real-world business issues. Participants gain exposure to team building, communication, client interface development, complex problem-solving, and the execution and delivery of traditional management consultant engagement deliverables. Every intern interacts with clients and assists in solving existing business challenges as part of a larger client-based team.

Interns are provided with a mentor to help foster growth through coaching and training sessions. Our summer internship is the final stage of our recruiting process. We view our internship as a valuable investment in the strength and growth of Curtis.


Our Winter Externship Program is the first step in the Curtis recruiting process. Each participant has an opportunity to interface with real clients and assist in solving existing business challenges in an accelerated time frame. Each team is expected to produce engagement summaries, critical analyses, and multiple solution options for the client. The program culminates in a report out to the client and Curtis leadership.

Our Externship Program is intense, fast-paced, and challenging. Our goal is to provide each extern with the opportunity to “live the experience” of being a management consultant. In turn, we at Curtis hope and expect to identify future talent. Participation in the Externship Program is highly encouraged for students interested in our Internship Program.

Experienced Hires

Here at Curtis, we value talent at all levels, ranging from new graduates (undergraduate studies, masters, or MBAs), to experienced, mid-career professionals and executives.

We are committed to building a diverse team that reflects our We vs. I mentality. We are looking for driven professionals interested in being part of a team that does what it takes to meet our clients’ needs.

We are actively looking for new talent with diverse experience across different industries. If you are interested in being a part of a dynamic and innovative team, focused on creating clarity for clients, please submit your resume to


At Curtis, our interview process is structured around our guiding principles. Our goal is to get to know you and learn about what will make you a unique Curtis consultant, and how your drive and experience can contribute to our firm.


The most successful consultants are those who listen closely to both their clients and their peers. We want to hear about the times you had to listen and understand before you had to take action.


Teamwork is an integral part of the consulting process. An effective team player is an effective consultant. We want to hear about your experience leading or contributing to a team’s goals and successes.


Our consultants must be innovative and creative as we exceed expectations and deliver more than what is asked of us. The thought processes and methods you went through to achieve your accomplishments matter, and we want to hear about them.


Our clients come to us because we know how to deliver and finish ahead of the competition. Your talents are an important part of who you are, and we want to get to know you.