Cognitive automation

Expect greater ROI

Cognitive Automation leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data-sensing technologies to create a digital workforce for high-precision, high-repetition, and touchless process automation management. Cognitive Automation exponentially increases the gains historically made by standard operational excellence or process automation efforts. Organizations can expect an ROI of 20 to 1 and greater with Cognitive Automation deployment.

Process Intelligence

Gain a complete view of your business health

Performance and health of a business lie within the petabytes of data that the business generates. Traditional LSS toolsets are used to glimpse the health of isolated processes and systems inside your business. With Process Intelligence, we can see the WHOLE business, including customers, and glean insights for growth and opportunities. We use a combination of event data and process models to discover and quantify performance and conformance. 

Operational Excellence

Separate yourself from the competition

Operational Excellence leverages business strategy, change and cultural alignment, and process excellence with problem solving so any organization can attain and sustain value-driven performance different from their competitors. We focus on developing clear insights and actionable recommendations that create a comprehensive strategy for the organization.  

Federal Services

Deliver better value for the greater good

Intelligent Enterprise Automation is rapidly gaining momentum across all sectors of our economy. We constantly hone our capabilities in the assessment and deployment of leading-edge process automation and analysis technology to exponentially increase the value we deliver to our clients. Curtis Federal Services aims at putting these capabilities to work for us, our communities, and our society at large. 

Virtual Delivery

Keep pace with rapidly changing needs

Whether it is short-term travel restrictions or longer-term issues like geographic spread and cost, it is no surprise that businesses are gravitating toward virtual delivery of many organizational functions from training to virtual interactive working sessions. Whether it be virtual LSS training, executing a remote kaizen event, or an Operational Capability Assessment, Curtis will work with you to meet your virtual delivery needs.