Lean manufacturing Overview

Create value by eliminating waste

Lean Manufacturing ensures your organization stays ahead of its goals. Our collective focus on leveraging operational data to increase efficiency and reduce costs allows us to drive customer value. We work closely with leaders and operators to create personalized opportunities for success.


Operational Assessment

Create focus and flow

Our team has a standardized approach that will quickly identify root cause and specific improvements to address your most important challenges. We help our clients understand current state performance, identify bottlenecks, and create plan to eliminate waste.

Maturity Assessment

Identifying areas for growth

The successful growth of a business relies on identifying areas of improvement. Curtis’ in-house maturity model provides a holistic overview of your company through five key categories: people, process, culture, technology, and data. Combined with our talent and experience, our maturity model can help take your company to the next level by identifying areas where you can improve your operations. 

Lean Deployment

Plan and execute full-scale lean implementation

We unlock operational excellence for our clients through our deployment strategy, tailored to streamline your processes, reduce waste, and elevate your organization to new levels of efficiency and success.